$7.00 *Aid To The Scriptures
106 page pocket size Bible source Book.
With all the hustle and bustle and the forever increasing complexity of life, simplicity is rarely appreciated. You need a Bible answer to a question and you need it now! Or you just need to reaffirm some of the promises that God has given you and you don’t remember where to find it in the Bible. Now there is a Bible Source Book you can carry with you.
*Hard Copy Mailed
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Aid To The Scriptures
Just a few of the subjects covered.
• Many of the Promises and Teachings in the Bible in Topical Form
• Historical and Biblical of important events.
• Addendum of the Bible
• Calendar of Jewish Events and Dates
• Money Values
• Tables of Weights and Measurements
• Parables of the Old Testament and New Testament
• and Much Much more.
Size 4" x 6"
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Pocket Bible Source Book
Bible Studies
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